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Build Your Pack Calendar – Loaded with Fun Activities


How do you build your calendar; where do you START?!?

Gather your team:

  • Meet with all Pack Leadership to prepare your plan including; Cubmasters, Den Leaders, and Assistants, and anyone of the Pack Committee need to be part of the planning process.
  • Invite all parents to participate - This might mean an increase in involvement, possibly getting new leaders  


Gather your resources:

  • Start with the Great Rivers Council Program Planning Calendar…so you can be sure to include the important dates found here. This document is full of dates and information about activities, training and program events that are being planned at the district and council level between now and 12/31/2021
  • Gather School, Church and Community calendars…so you can build around competing events
  • Have copies of the Cub Scout Handbooks and Leader Guides on hand…so you know what Adventures your Scouts have to choose from (and what you need to have on hand to complete them).  There are over 95 Adventures in the six years of Cub Scouting, so there are lots of great activities to choose from.
  • Refer to the BSA Pack Meeting Resources page.  The resources available in Scoutbook and on the Scouting App, along with guidebooks found there will be invaluable as you plan your adventures.
  • Remember the Journey to Excellence Program.  The Pack Scorecard will help keep you on track, making sure you are planning a diverse program for your families


Speaking of Adventures:

  • Focus on the FUN!  -  What sounds more exciting and appealing: “meetings” or “adventures”? 
  • Cub Scout Handbooks are full of “Adventures” and your Pack should have adventures too
  • Families want to be Active and have Fun and have Fun with Other Families
  • If it’s Fun for Kids, Fun for Families, and Safe -- it’s Cub Scouting!


Share Your Story!!

If You Build it, They Will Come: A well-built calendar of fun activities and adventures will attract Scouts and their families – BUT ONLY IF THEY KNOW ABOUT IT!!!

Click HERE for ideas to help you build awareness of your unit and your Round-Up event

© Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved - Great Rivers Council, BSA, 1203 Fay Street, Columbia, MO 65201

© Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved - Great Rivers Council, BSA, 1203 Fay Street, Columbia, MO 65201