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2020 Cub Scout Join-Night Plans


ONE LAST CHANCE TO JOIN US FOR JOIN-NIGHT TRAINING VIA ZOOM (requires pre-registration).  Click the meeting link to register:

6:30pm Tuesday August 25th

Click HERE watch the recorded Join-Night Training from July 30th


Click HERE to give us your Join-Night Information (for web promo, ordering flyers, posters, etc)


2020 Update: As a First Step, let's take a look at What Cub Scouting Looks Like Now, because in this time of Covid-19 concerns, a lot has changed -- Cub Scouting has changed, and how we recruit into Cub Scouting will need to change.

The key concept is that Packs and Dens will need to be ready for several types of programs:

  • Plan "A" will be In-Person Group Activities, like historic Cub Scouting, but with some Covid-19 considerations.

  • Plan "B" is Family-Led Activities, where Parents or other adults lead their Scouts from home, and Den and Pack Leaders lead the Parents by giving them resources and guidance about how to lead. 

  • Some Packs and Dens might have a Plan "A/B" program, with both In Person Group Activities and Family-Led Activities alongside those group activities for families not comfortable with group activities. 


Here are the key steps to work through as you and your Pack get prepare for your Fall 2020 Cub Scout Join-Nights.  Click each item title for details:


Building Your Pack Calendar - a guide to developing a dynamic program for your youth and families

Sharing Your Story - a guide to getting the word out about your unit

Building a Plan & Setting a Goal - a tool for working with your district membership team to set your unit up for success


Here is what the District & Council are doing to support your recruiting efforts in 2020:

  • Marketing & Promotion Efforts
    • Geo-fencing
    • Paid Boosting of District and Unit events
    • Recorded promotional pieces to share (see videos below and on the Membership & Marketing Hub)
  • School-Focused Efforts
    • Securing Contact information from schools for direct marketing efforts
    • Flyer distribution
    • School Talks/Visits (where possible)
  • Training & Resource Materials
    • Multiple Training events
    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Yard Signs
    • Planning and Goal Setting Materials (planner, event checklist, etc)
    • Unit Goal Incentives
    • Round-Up activity kits (water bottle rocket launchers)
    • New Scout Gift
  • District Events (Field Days, Virtual Recruiting Events)

  • Manpower
    • District Staff
    • Volunteer Recruiting Ambassadors


Recruiting Resources

The resources linked below include lots of valuable information to help you as you plan for your Join-Nights.

BSA Marketing & Membership Hub Great Rivers Council 2020-2021 Calendar Online Registration - Helps, Tutorial, etc
Restart Scouting Checklist Boys' Life Program Planning Helps Pre-Event Medical Form
Planning & Goal-Setting Form Join-Night Checklist Principal Meeting Checklist
Unit Recognition Program Unit Recognition Submission  

The Marketing & Membership Hub is an amazing resource.  In addition to information about upcoming national webinars about recruiting (and links to recordings of prior webinars) it contains lots of sample promotional items, images, videos and more!

Here are a couple samples of the recruiting videos available that site:


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© Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved - Great Rivers Council, BSA, 1203 Fay Street, Columbia, MO 65201